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chewing pixels » The Creator.

Markus Persson has the body of a politician but the features of a rock star: Fixed, handsome eyes and a deep-dimpled smile that offsets his baldpate and thickening torso. Perhaps this is why, when he visited Las Vegas in 2011 for the first international convention held in honour of Minecraft, the video game he designed and built, a young mother strode up and asked him not to kiss her baby, but to sign it. “I lean in with the pen and the child immediately starts crying,” he recalled as we talked in the stratosp

heric hotel suite he was staying in for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last month. “I recoil and apologise – I mean, it’s not like I’m setting the kid on fire or anything – but she insists. It was a frightening moment for me, and not just that natural shock of making an infant cry.”


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